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Nakayama Campus

The Creative Arts Department and several unique facilities are located in this comprehensive art space. In the Suikin Concert Hall, which combines the best of Japanese and western techniques, the monthly Horokoshi Gakuen Concerts are held, as well as the regular Monday and Wednesday concerts. The Suikin-tei garden is nationally registered as "Tangible Cultural Property" and the Suikin-kutsu (water koto tavern) is one of the “100 Most Attractive Scenic Locations for Sounds in Japan”. The Sanpuku-an museum hosts the monthly exhibits of the art course students and if you visit the Ethnic Instruments Museum, you can find a fine collection of musical instruments from the Far East.

The Verde convenience store and the student cafeteria are located near the campus entrance and there are regular school buses connecting the campus with the Takasaki Station.

Nakayama Campus
2229 Iwasaki, Yoshii-machi, Tano-gun,
Gunma 370-2131, Japan
Tel: +81-27-388-2301 FAX: +81-27-388-2303

Yachiyo Campus

Headquarter of the Social Work Department. The TESLA building located here is a clean energy pavilion which utilizes Japan's first solar light generator system. A large volume of hot spring water also gushes up from the Sanpuku-an spring on the TESLA grounds, so faculty and students can enjoy at no charge the hot spring bath on the 4th floor. The Bruno Taut Memorial Hall exhibits original works of the German expressionist architect Bruno Taut as well as a number of precious documents dealing with Taut, entrusted to the safekeeping of University of Creation; Art, Music & Social Work by the Iwanami Shoten publishing house.

A modern student cafeteria is located on the 3rd floor and the Verde convenience store serves additive-free bread made by using the hot spring water, as well as other natural products. Regular school buses connect the campus to the Takasaki Station.

Yachiyo Campus
2-3-6 Yachiyo-machi Takasaki-shi,
Gunma-ken 370-0861, JAPAN
TEL: +81-27-320-4545 Fax: +81-27-388-5755